Myriam is 23 years old. Doing her interships during her studies in teaching allowed her to know how much she loves working with youth.

Myriam knows Côte-des-Neiges really well because she went to school from primary school till university in that neighborhood. She appreciates its multicultural aspect : « If you like food, It’s an amazing spot ! Ther’s any kind of restaurants here. […] Plus, we can meet different populations depending of where we are in the neighborhood ! »

What is the most important for Myriam in this job is to create equal relationships with the youth she’s working with instead of acting with them as an authority figure.


Nour is living in Côte-des-Neiges since ever so he knows the neighborhood better than everyone else.

He lives just beside Kent park so he has witnessed the community vibe surrounding this urban area through sport and especially soccer : « During five years, each summer, everybody was at Kent. Every Saturdays and Sundays, It was « soccer, soccer, soccer » and after it, we would go eating together. This was a typical summer day for us. […] I met all my friends doing sport ! »

Nour loves to do sports so much, but what pushes him the most to work here is this possibility to help others : « I love socialize with people ! If someone has a problem and I can help… I want to do something ! If a teenager needs advice, I like to be able to give him a hand up! ». The fact that he’s from the neighborhood since a long time helps him to easily create contacts with the youth he’s working with.


Léa is 18 years old. She did volunteering for her mother who is working in a Early Childhood Center (CPE) and she loved beeing with kids a lot. Working as a park animator for the first time this summer enables her to have a professionnal experience with a new clientele : teenagers.

What Léa appreciates the most about this job is this opportunity to meet youth and chat with them about themes and subjects of interest to them.


Jessica is also 18 years old. Last summer, she was an animator in a day camp. During her secondary school, she also worked in a community center and gave homework assistance. She loves working with youth. It’s her first summer as a park animator.

Jessica appreciates the working conditions of this job : « I like the fact that we can work outside the majority of time plus this possibility to manage in our own way the activities we are offering. What counts the most in this work for her is creating contacts with youth through the activities they propose.


Mattia is 18 years old. At the age of twelve, he already gave sailing lessons to kids. After this, he was a lifegard at a public pool for a couple of summers. He’s now studying Special Care Councelling at Vanier college where he did two different interships one of which was at an alternative highschool with teenagers with difficulties.

For Mattia, intervention with youth is an occasion to give back to the futur generations : « It’s important for me to give my time to those youths because adolescence is a crucial period in our lives! It’s where the person learn to become mature and to know his values and his own way of seeing things. […] This is the part of our life that will determine what type of person we’re going to be! In my own life, I felt the need for help at some point and I think the best way to give back is to help youth from the actual generation to evolve and grow in a good way. »


You can follow the park animators in Côte-des-Neiges HERE.