Here’s Linh-Tuan, Tony-Ann, John, Rubina, Andres and Janice (no photo), the 6 Park Animators for CDN this summer.

Like the population they serve, they come from very different cultural backgrounds, which brings cultural wealth to this community program.

Linh-Tuan studied at university to become a sport education teacher. For him, sports are a good mean for reaching youth and help them learning how to live in society: “I like team sports in general. I like the team spirit aspect related with this kind of activities.”


Tony-Ann has a lot of experience as a community outreach worker. As a park animator, she really appreciates to meet different kind of people, especially those that are sometimes marginalized by their social environment: “When we play all together with those kids at the park, It shows them that we’re all equal. Sport is a great tool to fight prejudices towards others.”


John has a lot of experience as an animator. What he appreciates the most in this job is working with the youth: “Before working as a park animator, I was teaching basketball and fitness to teenagers. I always been passionate about creating relationships with them.”


Rubina also work with youth since many years and she really likes it. She appreciates the sharing aspect of this kind of job: “I consider that we, as animators, are privileged to do this type of work because we’re not only teaching different things to the youth, but we’re also learning things from their life experience!”


Andres lived in Côte-des-Neiges for 7 years, so he knows really well the neighborhood. He went to CDN Community Center and Centre sportif CDN when he was a kid. His favorite sport is soccer: “I like playing soccer with the youth at Park Mackenzie King wich is one of the most popular activities we’re doing with them. They like to spend their energy doing something together!”


Janice grown in CDN. She lived here from 0 till 11 years old. She also went to CDN Community Center and to different parks with her brother, especially at the pool. She really like the multicultural side of CDN as a job environment and she’s inspired by the mandate of this program: “We have the opportunity to propose interesting activities to youth in the parks that are not affiliated with an official community program like the day camps for example.”

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