Thibaut is the coordinator for «Ça bouge dans les parcs!» project in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce since three years now. What pushes him the most to continue doing this job is the fact that every summer is unique : «It’s never the same, there’s always something new : some of the youth are coming back year after year, but we’re meeting a lot of new people too !»

The project has been created for youth aged between 6 and 18 years old. Two animators are specialized with children and the two others are working more specifically with teenagers.

Thibaut thinks that this project is important for a neighborhood like NDG: «The day camps are not accessible for youth older than 12, so if we, as a society, want to keep our youth busy in a constructive way, we need program like this one! If there’s no supervision in the parks, problems will happen. There’s no youth that was born to do bad! But when they have nothing to do, they sometimes come to do bad things […] With this program, we’re offering them, not only activities, but also a space where they can talk and confide to someone they trust.».

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