Outreach Worker – Montclair-Fielding

The Monclair-Fielding outreach worker’s mandate is to create contacts with youth to provide information, referrals, and accompaniment. He covers a more tightly focused territory; namely, the area around the corner of Montclair-Fielding and Walkley avenue. The corner of Montclair-Fielding has its share of challenges with men who loiter through the summer months.  One of his roles is to work with youth in the area in order to provide alternatives to this loitering. Many of his clients have serious homelessness issues and spend time staying at friends’ homes, moving a lot, and are in and out of their parents’ homes. He also meets with many who are hungry, lack job training, or have dropped out of school. He provides information to help youth while working with his colleagues for further referral. He also runs the drop in at Walkley Centre four evenings a week.