The start of a new year often means passing new resolutions. Even as we get older, we can develop new habits or skills. Containment forces us to adapt our activities, but not all of them have ceased. If you want to learn new skills, online courses are offered. Many activities take place outdoors and can take place with appropriate security measures. Support can often be done by phone.


What is really different from previous years is that one can find it more difficult to cope with the lack of motivation. Here are some tips to help you persevere:


– Have realistic expectations, you are less likely to be disappointed.

– Concentrate on one goal at a time because several changes at the same time will complicate their execution and integration.

– Think positive! Instead of thinking about what you are not doing (which can be overwhelming), think about what you are doing and what you can do.

– By breaking down your ultimate goal into small, simple and achievable goals, you will experience small, repeatable successes and it is more encouraging to continue than to feel far from our goal.

– Put your plan in writing and post it prominently. By being present in your daily life, it will remain in your priorities for the day.

– Goals are achieved by taking actions. Determine what actions to take by making a plan. Then take action! It’s simple and easier. Contrary to popular belief, motivation comes more often by stepping into action than the other way around.

– Do not skip steps, it might make the next step more difficult.

– Find inspiration and support for tough days.

– Be lenient with yourself, drops in energy and motivation are normal.

– If you incorporate pleasurable elements into your new routine, it is more likely to become part of your long-term future.

– By considering your values ​​and preferences when making a resolution, you will be closer to success before you even start.

– Plan to reward yourself regularly to maintain good morale.