In 2020, Prevention CDN-NDG received funding from the Government of Canada through its senior programs to manage The Path Less Taken project. This project aims to raise awareness of different situations of elder abuse and fraud through a non-verbal short film. The project coordinator, Jessica Di Bartolo Rouillier and the communications coordinator and project assistant, Andreea Zbarcea, have been working on creating the four scenes by consulting seniors, community workers and healthcare professionals. Our goal has been to create a script that illustrated types of elder abuse & fraud that are less discussed and known. This short film adopts a silent approach to ensure the utmost inclusivity of the Montreal community. 

On Saturday, December 12th and Sunday December 13th, the filming of The Path Less Taken took place. We would like to give a big shout out to the video crew Christopher Moultrie and Dave A. Joseph! We were very fortunate to have had such amazing volunteers who took their time to participate in the prep and filming of the scenes. We would like to take this time to thank our amazing actors and actresses; Martin Dansky, Andrey Tsoy, Audley Coley, Gina-Mai Simmons, Karl Thomas, Elsie Odem, Madeleine Shulman, Dana Sadirmekova, Susie Showers, Maureen Adelman and Andreea Zbarcea. 

The filming was done according to an approved Covid-19 protocol to ensure the safety of all participants and staff. Lastly, we would like to thank The Montreal Art Center for letting us use their space for filming and Provigo Mehdi Taallah for donating food to supply to our crew! 

The Path Less Taken team as well as the 2D animator, Thierry Hubert, the video editor, Christopher Moultrie and the music composer, Edmund Catlin, are working on finalizing the short film, which will be launched in February 2021! 

As of March, we plan to facilitate workshops surrounding the short film, as well as train community facilitators to use our animation guide. 

We are looking forward to sharing our project with all of you and will keep you updated through our social media!

Jessica & Andreea