Joseph Lambert

Urban security counsellor and animator – Tandem CDN-NDG

Joseph has been working with us since february 2001.

His role is mostly in animation for groups of all ages, but the majority of his work is with youth at schools, both French and English, private and public; speaking about safety, violence and bullying prevention, conflict resolution, internet safety, violence in media, etc. Some workshops for adults include; home and street safety, fraud and solicitation prevention, support to parents on how to speak to children about safety and security and so on.

His experience is working with people. He worked with youth for many years in both day camp and summer camps. He also worked with seniors as a nurse’s aid and was a doorman for many years in the same establishment providing security.

Community work came easy to him, having been born and raised in a village of only 200 people (Fulford, QC.). He has a different perspective on how close and helpful people can truly be to one another. He always has been someone who is helpful and kind. He’s part of a great team and living in NDG, he can see first-hand the lives that he is been lucky enough to be a part of.