Coasters for prevention

Be on the look out ! Last week the Tandem team began to distribute coasters in 4 bars in the borough of CDNNDG to respond to preoccupations of women ages 18 to 25 years old about their safety out in the bar scene, and to sensitize the community to adopt safe habits while out.

 These coasters […]

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Stop Bullying


This month is anti-bullying month. As always your Tandem CDNNDG has been hard at work speaking to residents of all ages, from children as young as kindergarten to adults having issues with neighbours and so on. A community or school that practices kindness […]

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Safety in public spaces and when using public transit

Spring is knocking and as the good weather settles in, we will soon be spending more time outdoors! In fact, during the long winter months, we have a tendency to stay in the warmth and comfort of our own homes. Therefore, here are a few tips to know (or to recall) when we use public […]

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Stay alert!

Many residents have reported individuals are knocking on doors pretending to be a knife sharpenning company. If this has been the case on your street, please advise the SPVM at 514 280-2222.

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Be aware of fraud!

This week we at Tandem CDN-NDG wish to remind our readers about the dangers of fraud.
Every so often we hear of seniors and families having their hard earned money stolen either by Internet, phone or door-to-door scams.
Here are some very simple ways to avoid becoming a victim:
1. Should anyone call your home and ask […]

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Safe Spring Break!

It’s Spring Break! With the cocktail of weather this winter, your children may be spending time at home surfing the Internet. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss the importance of never giving any personal information on-line!


Happy and Safe Spring Break!



Your Tandem Team

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Tandem in the Nexus

Nexus February English 2016 test (Page 03)

Check out the link from the February issue of our newsletter where Tandem informs you about phone apps that can be used to feel safer and also what to consider when selling or buying items online.

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Tandem CDN-NDG back at Des Cinq-Continents

After a few years of not being present at Des Cinq-Continents school, we are as of this week, officially back animating Street Safety sessions for Kindergarten and Grade 1-2 students.
We want to thank the school for inviting us back and hope to be able to sensitize the students in the different subjects we offer.

If you […]

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Our services offered

For your information, these are the services that we offer and you can contact the person highlighted.


  • Back to school (Joseph)
  • Neighbour relations (Eero)
  • Park and public spaces (Eero)
  • Pedestrian safety and safe streets (Geneviève)
  • Prevention vandalism (Joseph)
  • Safety audit (Geneviève)



  • Car break-in prevention (Eero)
  • Holiday safety (Eero)
  • Bike theft prevention (Eero)
  • Home security visits (Eero)
  • Internet safety at home (Eero)
  • Door to […]
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How To Prevent Internet Fraud

Financial institutions around the world have always been subject to attempts by criminals to try and defraud money from the institution and their customers. These attempts to defraud can occur via a number of methods e.g. credit card fraud, telephone banking and also Internet scams.

Two examples […]

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