Living in a safe home is possible! Here follows basic advice provided by Tandem Montréal, the municipal crime prevention program.

An occupied home:

Most burglaries happen when the owners of the home are out, even during the day. When leaving your home, make sure the house looks occupied. Leaving the lights, radio or television on can

deter burglars. Also, be sure your doorway can be seen clearly. Make sure the doors and the street number are well-lit, both in front and back of your house, and the doors and windows are easily accessible.


For greater security, make sure your doors are solidly built and have reinforced frames aroundthe locks. Get into the habit of always locking doors and windows when you leave your home,even if it is only for a few minutes.


All types of windows, whether they are sliding windows, sash windows or french windows, can be made safe. An expert from Tandem Montréal can help you choose the right type of lock.

Basement windows also must have adequate protection. However, make sure you have a system that lets you exit through the window in case of an emergency.

Alarm systems:

Many types of alarm systems can dissuade burglars. However, they have to be adapted to your needs and are no substitute for safe doors and windows, as well as safe practises.

Safe practices:

You can be safer if neighbours help each other. While you are away, a person you trust can turn on the lights, turn on the radio or the television set, open and close the curtains, pick up the mail and newspapers.

For adequate protection, have your home’s security checked by a Tandem Montréal expert. For information on crime prevention, contact Tandem Montréal. In case of emergency or any suspicious situation, call 9-1-1.