Engraving…What is that?

A Code

It can be a code engraved on a vlauable item (bicycle, TV, computer, etc.) that makes the item less attractive for a thief to steal it.

Preventative Measure

In reality, thieves are not attracted by items that are difficult to resell. To identify your valuables is a proven preventive measure.

Increased Chance of Return

Every year, many victims are able to reclaim their stolen valuables because they decided to have them engraved. You increase your chance of getting back your valuables when your engraved code is something you can easily recognize. This small preventive measure increases your protection.

Free of Charge

We offer to engrave your valuables for free or if you prefer, you can borrow the engraver from us, also free of charge.

If you would like to know more about engraving your valuables please get in touch with us.