Day camp monitors training

Since 2002 Tandem CDN/NDG has been an important part of the summer staff training for day camps in our community. Providing an interactive conversation on how to manage a group of children safely, what to do in case of an emergency and how to best work as a team so youth can feel safe and have fun all summer long. We support camps throughout the summer with continued staff support, activities for all age groups and presence on committees that manage day camps in our community.

Safety for newly arrived immigrants

It is usually not very easy to adapt to a new environment and particularly if it is a new country all together. That is why we, at Tandem, think it is important that we hand the newly arrived some tools and information so they can feel safe in their new country and that they get a chance to know their new environment and what is has to offer. For that, we usually get the opportunity to animate information sessions at the French classes to hand out information about home safety, using public space and public transportation as well as how to prevent being a victim of fraud and schemes. Additionally, by request, we offer the same information sessions for families and community groups

Women safety

Since 2010, Tandem CDN—NDG is actively taking part in the women’s’ committee that include several other Tandem office members from other boroughs.

The objective is to create useful tools based on the needs and concerns of women when it comes to improving their safety and their feelings of safety. A quick survey was distributed widely through kiosks and other activities in order to get an understanding of women’s safety concerns.

Additionally, we offer safety sessions to women including how to be safer in public space and how to use public transportation in a safe way. These sessions can be adapted based on the needs and concerns of the women that want to participate.

Also, by request, with the help of safety audits or safety walks, we can inspect a specific area that is creating feelings of insecurity for women and recommend improvements. The idea is to get women actively involved in their own safety, their quality of life and to have them actively involved in their community. If you live in the borough and you are interested to get involved in improving the safety of your neighbourhood, please do not hesitate to contact us!