What is a home security visit?

It’s a visit that we do by appointment with the tenant or the building owner and it take about 30-60 minutes. The goal is to verify the physical security aspects of your building, around the building as well as in your apartment.

What are you verifying?

When it comes to the outside, we verify the visibility, lightning, physical condition of garage doors, other entry points, emergency exits and sheds. On the inside we make sure to verify the main door, apartment door, locks, door frames, windows as well as your smoke detector. If something is not in order or does not live up to the city bylaws, we will note that in our evaluation sheet and we can also give recommendations on how to improve your current locks or other aspects of your home. At the end of our visit you get a copy of our evaluation sheet.

How much does it cost?

The home security visit is FREE for all buildings in the borough.