Evaluations of public space and parks

The purpose of making a safety evaluation of specific public space is based on the same principals as the safety walk, but instead we are using a pre-prepared check list, but yet also taking user concerns into consideration.

When making an evaluation of a park for example, we note what is installed in the park in terms of leisure equipment (for sports, children, etc.) and make sure they are in good condition and safe to use.

We also check the cleanliness, noting if the park has a lot of trash, enough garbage bins, and condition of toilets, lawn and fountains.

Any graffiti or signs of vandalism is noted as well as broken bottles, damaged fences and benches.

If we note traces of drug use, like specific bags, needles or people using drugs we make note of that in our report. Same thing if we note an excessive amount of alcohol use with bottles, cans or intoxicated persons.

When it comes to the physical safety aspects of our evaluation, we consider how well lit some areas of the park are, are there over grown trees or bushes or other somber corners that can create feelings of insecurity. We make note of existing or non-existing possibilities of calling for help (public phone or stores nearby).

Additionally we verify that the opening hours of the park are clearly visible as well as any signs forbidding users to do certain things, like for example if dogs are allowed in certain areas.

We also have a short survey that we ask users to fill out to better understand from their point of view the positives or concerns.

If you have a public area or park where you would like for us to come and make an evaluation or you just simply have a question about public space, then please contact one of our offices to speak to a Tandem counsellor.