Prévention CDN-NDG and the Walkley Community Center are collaborating to bring a new program, SNAP® which stands for STOP NOW AND PLAN, to serve the families in the community.  It is an evidenced-based, cognitive-behavioral model, which helps children and their families learn how to effectively manage their emotions and “keep problems small”.

The SNAP® boys group and SNAP® parenting group are weekly concurrent group sessions for 13 weeks. The SNAP® boys program helps boys aged 6-11 who are engaging in aggressive, anti-social behavior and/or have come into contact with authority figures at school or the community. In the SNAP® program, the boys learn self-control and problem solving strategies to help keep them in school and out of trouble, while, parents learn effective child management and SNAP® strategies.

We are currently seeking families to attend our SNAP® group sessions. For more information, please contact us.

Tel : (438) 622 – 1007