Tandem CDN/NDG is proud to be part of the school fabric in our community. Hundreds of sessions are given free, year round, to both private and public education facilities from daycare all the way to university as well as information sessions for parents.


Daycare, Kindergarten, 1st , 2nd | 45 – 60 min

This animation focuses on our youngest citizens, How to identify Good strangers and safe places to ask for help ( police, fire fighters, ambulance , public places ), 911 and what is an emergency, games and role play on what to do if faced with a stranger and dispelling the myth that bad people have a certain look. We want our youth to have the confidence and knowledge to know what they can do if they are lost, afraid or find themselves in an emergency situation.


2nd, 3rd | 45-60 min

Based on the principles of ( Vers le pacific ) adopted by the school boards in our community, This animation focuses on steps that foster calm, open communication when faced with a conflict. This is an open discussion about finding different ways to calm down , discuss the problem, look for a possible solution and find a fair solution that works for everyone involved.


3rd, 4th, adapted to 5th and 6th upon request

One of our more requested animations, bullying is something that affects most age groups and families. This animation is an open discussion on the difference between bullying and general teasing or hurtful joking, an in depth description of the factors of bullying ( power, intention , repetition ) and strategies to denounce violence in all it s forms ( physical, verbal, mental, exclusion ). Our animation encourages youth to practice kindness and patience, to speak out and not be shy to ask for help, even if it is not easy to do. We encourage critical thinking and social learning keeping empathy and kindness as the main focus.


3rd & 4th

This session is based on very simple principles of prevention. Focused on being mindful to never share personal information on-line with strangers, encouraging shared family time at the computer, tablet or game console. Youth should feel at ease to share their on-line use with their parents if they feel uncomfortable with strange interactions on the Internet. We encourage that tech devices be used in plain view of parents and not hidden in bedrooms where asking for guidance could be more difficult.


5th, 6th

A very interesting discussion on who we are, where each of us come from, respect for other people s background, values and differences. We live in a multicultural society where even with all our different points of view, people more or less want the same things, to succeed, To live in a safe community, to have access to services and to have our rights respected. The youth of CDN/NDG are truly examples of diversity working for a common goal.


5th, 6th

An animation that reflects on the difference between art and vandalism. There are some very talented youth in our community that don t know they can express themselves in a positive way. Youth can practice urban art and creativity without getting hurt or in trouble.


The Session focuses on how violence in the media is glorified in order to attract an audience that will continue to purchase it s products ( television, movies, video games, music ). The discussion revolves around the idea that media does not always provide a realistic perspective of violence, action or conflict resolution. We encourage critical thinking when deciding what to watch, what makes youth feel uncomfortable should be discussed at home with family. We discuss why certain entertainment has age limits and to be mindful of how violence can influence us.


It is our pleasure to meet with parents and families to discuss how we do our animations in schools. All feedback is welcome to help us improve our services and information from parents provides us with a perspective to better understand the realities of parenting in this day and age. Our most popular subjects with parents are Bullying, Internet safety and general safety for youth. Our goal is provide parents with ways to talk to their children about safety without it being to frightening.