Abdoul Khaireh

Coordinator Eco Quartier NDG

Abdoulkader joined the Eco-quartier in May 2021 , and started to be coordinator of the Eco-quartier in July 2021. He completed a master degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Quebec at Montreal and also holds a master degree in Renewable Energy.

Abdoulkader has been interested in residual materials management since 2018 with experiences as an environmental technician in several environmental consulting companies.

In addition, he has worked on the assessment of the data from the waste food collection on the building with 8 or least dwellings at the Eco quartier Côte-des-Neiges SOCENV in 2020.

He is looking forward to continuing to build on Eco Quartier’s relationship with community organizations and partners, and the work we are doing on environmental issues.

You can contact Abdoulkader here:

At the office: 514 486 2727;
On the Eco Quartier NDG facebook page: @ecoquartier.ndg ;
Email: ecoquartier@preventioncdnndg.org