Green alley & horticulture Agent
Green alley agent (1/2 time): will ensure the link between residents and the borough, and advise resident groups on the plantings and activities possible. The person hired may also be responsible for translating certain documents (English to French).
• Organize activities with residents and the borough for green alleys;
o Cleanliness, planting flowers, greening, installation of equipment, etc .;
o Motivate residents to get involved in their lanes;
• Follow up on the project (signs, documentation, pot-holes, etc.);
• creating digital maps;
• Writing articles, blogs, etc. to promote the project;
• Prepare leaflets and other resources for use during the year;

Horticulture agent (1/2 time): will contribute to the greening of the neighbourhood (mini-gardens, balcony pots, vines to discourage graffiti, reduction of heat islands, etc).
• Work with local community groups as well as residents (including those in the Walkley, Westhaven-Elmhurst, Benny, Sherbrooke Forest areas) to increase their garden and green spaces, favouring perennials and other ecological choices;
• Offer workshops on ecological gardening and how to grow herbs;
• Host kiosks on ecological gardening;
• Help with the intergenerational gardening program (allows youth to learn from more senior gardeners who need help with the physical side of gardening);
• Ensure the proper functioning of the 2 Incredible Edible gardens on Somerled (in partnership with Transition NDG);
• Promote the perennial plant exchange as well as the Tree for my Borough;
• Promote vines to organizations that would like to plant them along a wall to help combat heat islands (îlots de chaleur) as well as graffiti.

Other tasks:
• Help cover the Éco-quartier NDG office during business hours;
• Organize and participate in activities and mobilization events in the neighborhood;
• Support other projects as needed (kiosks, door-to-door, clean-ups, etc.).
• Recruit volunteers;
• Work on communication tools such as leaflets, posters, electronic journal;
• Promote recycling and food waste collection;

Training in horticulture or one year of experience in this field
Good knowledge of native plants in the Montreal area
Knowledge and interest in urban agriculture
Experience in animation
Making various plantations closely with residents and partners
Establish and support urban agriculture projects
Organize and participate in activities and / or mobilization events in the neighborhood
Ensure receipt as required and answer questions from residents, deliver recovery bags Perform ground tracking (cleanliness, beautification and collection)
Recruiting Volunteers
Working on communication tools such as leaflets, posters, electronic journal
The composting sensitizing agent is in charge of maintaining the three community composting sites, recruit volunteers to help with compost and present workshops on composting / vermicomposting. The agent should also promote community composting when touring door-to-door (one evening per week).

Objectives: -Reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills by promoting the food waste collection

• must be between 17 AND 30 YEARS OLD (INCLUSIVE) at the start of employment;
• be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or have official refugee protection status under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act;
• be legally entitled to work in Canada according to relevant provincial or territorial legislation and regulations;
• Studied in a field  related to the environment (biology, land use, ecology, horticulture, geography…) or any other related field.

Salary: $13/hr for 30 hrs / week (number of weeks to be confirmed by Service Canada)
To apply : with a cover letter and CV.