Happy Spring!

This is a friendly reminder about the next Older & Wiser Info Series coming up on Friday, May 25th, at 1:00 at 6350 Terrebonne ( corner of Benny). This session, we have the following 3 speakers:


Please see below for further details on the topics. Also, please save the date for the 4th and final Older & Wiser for the season: Friday, June 15th @ 1:00. As it is also Elder Abuse Awareness Day, we will have plenty of information on fraud prevention, accessing health services, and how to advocate for yourself within the health system. Looking forward to seeing you all!

The Role of the Pharmacist:
Makinson and his wife moved to NDG from Haiti a few years ago. Because other pharmacy chains would not permit them to engage within community to their liking under their banners, they opened an independent pharmacy on Somerled (near Cavendish). Makinson will provide information on the services they offer, how pharmacists can be key players in helping us maintain a good quality of health, as well as share of their commitment to enhancing lives in NDG.

The Joy of Simple:
Many people are tired of the consumerism and materialism that is present in our culture. The constant desire for more stuff finds some folks trapped in jobs they hate alongside lifestyles that leave them feeling dissatisfied and unhappy. Many people are looking for something else, but they are not sure what that is. I was one of those and it was only when I decided to leave the rat race – at the age of 32 – that I was surprised to find that my needs were few.  Twenty-five years later, I am grateful for the freedom and time that I have gained to truly enjoy my life according to how I want to live, rather than how others think I should live. It turns out that there is a name for this new choice: voluntary simplicity.

Voluntary simplicity (often called compassionate living), is a conscious choice to simplify one’s life by downshifting to create the life and home environment that fits you. Voluntary simplicity does not mean living in poverty or practising self-denial, and in fact means quite the opposite as you choose to live “consciously and deliberately”. This shift in mindset can provide you with more freedom, flexibility, quality time, creative financial consideration and personal growth, all of which can contribute to the enjoyment of your life in all aspects, be it personal or within your larger community.

Save Money While Saving the Environment:
Everyone is worried about the environment, and most of us are looking for ways to protect it. We hear a lot about the latest gadgets that might be good alternatives to polluting products, but sometimes it feels like being ecologically conscious means spending more money on products and services than we would like. Being green should not cost you more; in fact, there are many ways in which being green can save you money.

This workshop will explore a variety of hands-on, fun, creative solutions for saving money while saving the environment. Each of us can make informed, responsible choices that don’t break the bank. Saving money while also saving the environment is a win-win!

Miranda Potts
Prevention CDN-NDG
Travailleuse de mileu pour ainés-ndg
Seniors Outreach Worker-NDG
(514) 690-2034