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1912, 2015

The High Cost of Convenience

Every day we leave appliances running needlessly. Lamps lit in empty rooms, an unwatched television, a charged laptop that remains plugged in… these are all examples of Phantom Electricity. Small changes of habits can reduce these wastes of energy without compromising our lifestyle. Here are some easy ways to reduce our consumption of energy as […]

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1912, 2015

Tips for winter composting

Materials can be added to your composter throughout the winter, but they will decompose more slowly as the temperature drops, and in some cases may freeze solid. As soon as the weather warms up, the process will become active again.

Did You Know?

The cold temperatures of winter can actually benefit the composting process; as the freezing […]

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1712, 2015

Japanese Christmas

Hi! I’m Daiki from Japan. Since Christmas is coming soon, I would like to introduce how the Japanese celebrate Christmas.

Most people’s religion in Japan is Buddhism or Shintoism, not Christianity. The proportion of Christians is really small, but we celebrate Christmas anyway, and our celebration is a little bit different from Christian countries. The day […]

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1712, 2015

Christmas in Germany

Hi, I am Carolina from Germany. Because it is the Christmas season, I would like to explain the German way to celebrate.
Christmas is probably the biggest event of the year and everybody is excited about it. Not only on Christmas day, but also the pre-Christmas season is a big deal in Germany. Four Sundays before […]

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