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3007, 2016

We reuse old school supplies!

Éco-quartier ndg has partnered with local schools to collect students ‘ old school supplies.

We are storing them for the summer. On monday August 22nd, Prevention CDN-NDG staff will organize the supplies to be able to give them to the schools to distribute to needy students. Its reuse at its best!

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2007, 2016

Compostable bags

Compostable bags

In order that the food waste collected transforms properly, the city of Montreal is asking residents to use either compostable bags, or folded newspaper to collect the food. Compostable bags are available in many stores throughout NDG, it is important to ensure that the bags are compostable, and not biodegradable. If you prefer not […]

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2007, 2016

Old School supplies collection was beyond successful

Here at Eco-quartier NDG, we have just wrapped up our first annual school supplies collection!

Our goal was to reduce waste by collecting used school supplies, that would have otherwise been thrown away, and giving them to the underprivileged families of NDG in September 2016.

This program involved the collaboration of several schools and the YMCA in […]

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2007, 2016

New Food Waste Collection Initiative Receives Positive Reactions from Citizens

New Food Waste Collection Initiative Receives Positive Reactions from Citizens

By Charlotte Hings

Food waste collection has already begun in many boroughs of Montreal and now it is finally time for it to begin in the Loyola district of NDG. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills […]

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2007, 2016

Incredible edibles is back for another year on Somerled!

Incredible Edibles is a community project that grows herbs and vegetables in communal planters for everyone to share. We were inspired by the Incredible Edibles project started in England which has as one of its goals to “grow food everywhere!”

The goal is to create a noticeably green and edible area right on Somerled. Planters will […]

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2007, 2016

Green Team 2016

The Green Team is back for the summer! This year, NDG is lucky to receive grants for students from Service Canada. We’ll have 2 green patrollers, a camp animator, a composting agent, and a horticultural expert to help with the Incredible Edibles project as well as other community initiatives. We’re also lucky to be receiving […]

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2007, 2016

Moving? Please don’t forget about the environment!

As we prepare to move and we pack our boxes, we often realize that we need to get rid of some stuff. Some of it is old books that we realize that we’ll never read again, and other times we realize it’s an old bucket of paint that probably isn’t good anymore. No matter what […]

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907, 2016

Ripping Out Ragweed

Ripping Out Ragweed

Pollen from ragweed is a primary cause of hay fever and in effort to help the residents of NDG breathe better, Eco-Quartier NDG and its passionate volunteers have been hard at work identifying and pulling up ragweed all over NDG this past summer. Ragweed is a very common weed in Quebec, as well […]

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907, 2016

Summer kisoks!

Our summer staff will be hosting information kiosks this summer (cancelled in case of rain).

Come by and ask your ecological questions:

Thursday, July 14th (5-8pm) Benny Park (theme: food waste collection),

Saturday July 16th from 11am to 2pm at Benny Park (theme: urban forest),

Thursday, July 21st (5-8pm) NDG Park (theme: water),

Saturday July 23rd from 11am to 2pm […]

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907, 2016

Video: how to make a liner for your kitchen container!

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