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1109, 2016

Incredible Edibles Garden Tour: sharing knowledge and good food

The Incredible Edibles Garden is a community project run by volunteers and Transition NDG located on Somerled between Cavendish and Walkley that aims to not only green the area, but also to provide the citizens of NDG with vegetables and herbs to share. The planters along this stretch of Somerled contain over 20 different types […]

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1109, 2016

Food waste and bin delivery

Hopefully you’ve already heard that the new food waste collection will be starting in the Loyola district this October. It is still to be confirmed, but the new collection will probably replace the home garbage collection on Thursdays (collection may continue for businesses and large apartment buildings not invited to participate in the new food […]

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809, 2016

Green alley day!

Green alley day: It’s a celebration of all of Montreal’s green alleys. Two of our green alleys in NDG will participate in the event.

The Old-Orchard/Marcil green alley residents invite the neighbours to join them and visit the alley on Saturday September 10th (3-6pm). So bring your kids, your own chair, drinks and food (If it […]

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