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2107, 2019

Green Travel: Tips and Suggestions

If you are going on a vacation or travelling on business or leisure, please think of the planet we live on and travel to conserve and preserve.
Before You Travel
1) Green travel is a portable lifestyle choice. Your carbon footprint can be reduced if you change a couple of habits that can only be helpful to […]

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1007, 2019

Mulching with Green Waste

Last week we went to plant a serviceberry tree at the Montclair Residence. Once we arrived we encountered two apparent problems. The first was that there was a bag of green waste (grass clippings, tree branches, some dried leaves) left on the curb although the city green waste collection ended on June 12th, and won’t […]

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107, 2019

Sunscreen and Environmental Impacts

Summer is finally here- which means hitting the beach, going to the pool, and just enjoying the sun. It also means it’s sunscreen season! Picking a broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB) option and applying regularly, about every 2 hours when it’s really sunny, is important to avoid sunburn, excessive tanning, and long-term skin damage. But while […]

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