With the start of summer invariably comes a well-known pest: ragweed, which wreaks havoc for the many seasonal allergy sufferers across our borough and city. Did you know that an estimated 10% of Québec’s population suffers from seasonal ragweed allergies? 

What you should know: Pollen is the element of the plant that people are allergic to. When ragweed begins flowering in August, pollen is released into the air, causing such unpleasant symptoms as sneezing, congestion, watery eyes, irritated and itchy nose, eyes, and throat, as well as drowsiness and general irritability.

The good news: When ragweed plants are not pollinating then everyone is safe to rip them out! The most efficient and ecological way of removing ragweed is to simply pull it out of the ground by hand (contact with a non-pollinating plant is completely safe). Luckily for us, the roots are shallow – making them easier to rip out. Beating back ragweed with a lawnmower also helps! It is particularly important to destroy ragweed