Beautification and gardening

Everyone likes to see beautiful flowers in their neighborhood. In addition to their aesthetic value, plants can also provide us with food and herbs, provide shade and cooling, reduce air pollution, and even attract important pollinator species!

Planting gardens offers great opportunities to beautify your neighborhood, learn about nature, socialize with your community, and have fun working outside and getting your hands dirty. We offer a number of services to distribute plants and facilitate garden projects to get you started.

The CDN-NDG borough has a ragweed removal program. If you spot ragweed in CDN-NDG, please contact the SOCENV at to let them know. They will send a team to remove it.

If you can pull it out yourself – even better! Please put all ragweed in the trash as it should not be composted. To know more about ragweed click HERE.

Each May, the Eco-quartier NDG in collaboration with the CDN-NDG borough, organizes a flower distribution for residents to beautify the neighborhood. If you want to know when and where the event will take place, we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter HERE.
We organize group visits to our beautiful pollinator garden during the summer. If you are interested, please contact us at (514) 486-2727 or by email at
Gardening can sometimes be a challenge for aging seniors, which is why the Eco-quartier NDG has a special program to help seniors who still want to garden. We match young people who want to garden but don’t have access to a garden, with seniors who have a garden but might be lacking physical strength. Participants are selected through a process that assures both parts, security, and happiness. If you are interested, please contact us at (514) 486-2727 or by email at
Would you like to diversify the plants in your garden for free? Every September, residents are invited to bring potted, labeled perennial plants to exchange with others. A plant identification form is attached HERE. All leftover perennials are used to beautify problem spots in NDG. Please join us for this free event! Contact us to find out this year’s exchange date or click HERE.

Every year the Eco-quartier NDG offers the A Tree for My Neighbourhood program in partnership with the REQ. Trees are an easy way to fight against the heat island effect during summer, and sewer overflows during winter. They also provide many other ecosystem services that are good for our health and the health of the city. If you want to know more about the program, please consult
Unfortunately, sometimes areas of the city can be neglected: garbage accumulates, there are weeds and the area looks unkempt. The Eco-quartier NDG does its best to improve such areas by working with local volunteers to first clean-up and then plant perennials (if available) in the area. It has been our experience that residents respect the beautified area, and no longer use it as a trash deposit. If you see a problem area in NDG that could use some beautification, please let us know at or call us at (514) 486-2727.