1007, 2019

Mulching with Green Waste

Last week we went to plant a serviceberry tree at the Montclair Residence. Once we arrived we encountered two apparent problems. The first was that there was a bag of green waste (grass clippings, tree branches, some dried leaves) left on the curb although the city green waste collection ended on June 12th, and won’t […]

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3007, 2018

Fall edition of A tree for my neighborhood : Presale launch


The official start of the fall campaign is August 23rd, but the following tree species are available for purchase already:

Canadian Serviceberry

Flame Amur Maple

Japanese Lilac

Harrow Delight Pear

Stella Cherry

Visit the website

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905, 2018

Flower and compost distribution

Flower and compost distribution: May 26th 2018, 9:00 AM

Note : A proof of residency is required (driver’s licence, phone bill, etc.)

Also,don’t forget to bring your own container. 30L max per address.

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2503, 2018

New Hampshire students came to Montreal!

New Hampshire students are coming to Montreal!

For the 6th year in a row, the Eco-quartier NDG will have the pleasure of hosting a dozen high school students from New Hampshire. The students (ranging in age from 14 to 16 years old) chose to come to NDG during their March break (March 6th to […]

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703, 2018

How language interns benefit the environment

Over the years, the language students have participated in a myriad of volunteer activities. These include making eco-cleaners, hosting kiosks, promoting recycling door-to-door, writing blog posts, and the list goes on.

For the student, it is an opportunity to learn new vocabulary while doing what are usually new tasks for them. I can absolutely relate to […]

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1402, 2018

How Eco-quartier became part of the Prevention CDN-NDG Family

The City of Montréal’s Environmental Program (Éco-quartier) was created in 1995, during Pierre Bourque’s term in office.  Originally, each of the city’s 51 electoral district had its own office with separate staff, offices and projects.  Each was administered by various locally established groups. Éco-quartier’s  mandate is to promote eco-civism and environmental education, encouraging citizens to […]

1511, 2017

The mysterious planter waterer

Once again, this year, Transition NDG collaborated with Eco-quartier NDG for the Incredible Edibles project on Somerled. The Transition team worked hard filling the planters with herbs and a few vegetables, checking on the plants every couple of days. They spent many hours watering the plants (it is not as straightforward as one might think).  […]

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1111, 2017

Veggies in the city at the daycare

Éco-quartier NDG’s “Veggies in the city at daycare” started three years ago as a pilot project, and has since become one of the favorite activities of participating daycare centers, besides the annual flower planting activity every May. Radishes, cucumbers, lettuce, broccoli and beautiful tomatoes are some of the vegetables that were planted this year by […]

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2810, 2017

Subsidies for Ash Trees

NDG Property owners with ash trees on their property can now benefit from financial aid from the City of Montreal to cut down and replace their ash trees destroyed by the emerald ash-borer.

On August 21st, the City of Montreal adopted a by-law that offers subsidies for cutting down trees with a maximum diameter of
5cm. The […]

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2110, 2017

Green alleys agent for summer 2017

My name is Marc-Antoine Bertrand and I am for the Green alley project agent at the Écoquartier NDG for the 2017 summer.
I am an urban planning student at the University of Montreal, where my role is mainly to bring new ideas for new green
alley projects, but also to help Nouha, the project manager forthe “Green […]

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