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Green Team 2016

The Green Team is back for the summer! This year, NDG is lucky to receive grants for students from Service Canada. We’ll have 2 green patrollers, a camp animator, a composting agent, and a horticultural expert to help with the Incredible Edibles project as well as other community initiatives. We’re also lucky to be receiving […]

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907, 2016

Ripping Out Ragweed

Ripping Out Ragweed

Pollen from ragweed is a primary cause of hay fever and in effort to help the residents of NDG breathe better, Eco-Quartier NDG and its passionate volunteers have been hard at work identifying and pulling up ragweed all over NDG this past summer. Ragweed is a very common weed in Quebec, as well […]

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1102, 2016

Intergenerational Gardening in NDG

Full Circle: Intergenerational Gardening in NDG

Éco-quartier NDG is pleased to announce the return of intergenerational gardening for the 2016 growing season! Created in the spring of 2011, Intergenerational Gardening is a volunteer program with a twist, pairing youth volunteers eager to learn more about gardening with seniors who have knowledge to share but who need […]

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1501, 2016

Don’t move firewood

Buy it locally. Burn it on site. Pests in your firewood can destroy our forests.

Invasive insects and diseases can exist in firewood. Moving untreated firewood, even just a few kilometres to or from a campground or a cottage, is a common way for invasive insects and diseases to spread.

These pests kill trees in our forests, […]

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1209, 2015

The Tree for my Borough campaign has been extended!

You can order your tree until October 2nd at www.eco-quartiers.org. Residents will be invited to collect their trees between October 13th and 16th.

Please note that the trees ordered during this period may not have leaves upon delivery. Rest assured that that does not hamper the tree’s chances of survival. Quite the opposite actually, as the […]

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809, 2015

A tree for my borough

Even though the published deadline for ordering trees was September 4th, the REQ has decided to leave registration open this weekend (September 5-7th). Please order your tree at www.eco-quartiers.org . Please order your tree at www.eco-quartiers.org
You may have already heard that the Ash trees in North America are under attack from a foreign insect: the […]

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309, 2015

How to attract birds to your backyard this winter

3d-abstract_other_winter-bird_49231A few tips to make your backyard more attractive to birds this winter:

  • Provide a sturdy bird feeder that can stand up to winter weather. Ensure that it’s tight enough to keep the seeds dry. Make sure it doesn’t sway too much in heavy winds.
  • Place your […]
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503, 2015

Trees Are Under Attack in NDG!

There is a threat facing an important tree species in Montreal, and all of North America – the Emerald Ash Borer. It is an insect that attacks ash trees, which make up 20% of all public-land trees in NDG-CDN. If a vast majority of these trees have to be cut down due to insect ravage, […]

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