Food and Drink
• Buy in bulk! Avoid unnecessary packaging
• Ban plastic bags! Think reusable
• Avoid using disposable dishes when throwing a party
• Buy locally produced
• Compost rather than tossing them in the trash

Gift Ideas
• Avoid buying gifts which rely on disposable parts like batteries
• Look for gifts made from recycled materials
• Think of giving home-made gifts – a home-cooked dinner, an old book, woodwork, free night of babysitting
• Treat your special someone to an “experience gift” – tickets to a concert, sporting event or the theater

• Make gift tags from old greeting cards
• Use brown paper bags or the comic section of your local newspaper for gift wrap
• Buy recycled wrapping paper and insist on Christmas cards printed on recycled material – choose ones that support a charity

• Choose LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs to decorate – they are more expensive but last longer and use 80-90% less energy
• Reduce by using a light timer on tree or house lights to cut energy consumption. Chose candle light over an electric bulb
• Choose decorations that can be reused or make your own decoration with recycled materials
• Buy a living Christmas Tree and replant it after. If not, make sure you recycle your tree through the city Christmas Tree pickup