If you are looking for crafting projects you can do at home, here are some eco-friendly ideas! 

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well during these difficult local, national and global times because of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Since most of you are confined to your houses and since all the schools, colleges and universities are closed, it is sometimes difficult to find activities to do with your children to entertain them and to introduce them to the best environmental gestures.

Therefore, we decided to launch a series of ideas of ecological DIY activities to organize at home with your children or just for yourselves. Our goal is not only to be entertained but also to give a second life to our “waste”.

Our first inspiration for these ecological DIY activities is the reuse of the famous toilet paper rolls. So here are some ideas for inspiration:

1) Toilet paper rolls as cartoons, animals or small cars

Reuse toilet paper rolls and transform them into cartoons, small cars, animals, etc. Children can colour and transform their rolls as they like. You can repeat this activity with them while changing the theme to keep them entertained and also so they will not get bored: For example: superheroes, Easter, animals, etc.,


2) Toilet paper rolls as desk organizers

You and the children can color the rolls and transform them into penholders;


3) Toilet paper rolls to start seedlings indoors

It is that time of the year! You can start your seedlings at home by turning the toilet paper rolls into containers that will later be easily transferred outside as the paper degrades in the ground.

To make it:

1) cut the roll in half, make some cuts across from each other on the bottom of the roll,

2) then make one cut in the center of each of the halves you created (to divided the bottom of the roll into four equal parts),

3) fold nicely the different sections,

4) organize all of your pots on the container you plan to use,

5) fill them with soil,

6) add the seed and finally water them!

Children will love this initiation to gardening;


4) Toilet paper as a cable storage / wool storage

To store your cables: Roll them up and put them in an empty toilet paper roll. You can customize color and identify them as you wish;To store your wool: If you have a little bit of wool, wrap it around a toilet paper for easy storage and to not let it get tangled;


Don’t hesitate to invite the kids to help out with some of these activities if you think it’s educational and safe for them. Toilet paper rolls are flexible and easily reusable materials. Be creative!

Please remember:  Recycling is good, Reusing is better but the best thing to do to manage our waste is Reducing (3RV: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover).

Take care of yourself, your loved ones and the community and stay at home. Thank you for doing your part!

Nouha Dhahri