When I first started working at the Éco-quartier program, I was told that I would sometimes have to go door-to-door, promoting recycling and composting in particular. I was a little bit apprehensive. Weren’t people going to get angry with me for disturbing them at home? What if they were in the middle of eating dinner, or bathing their kids?

Now that I have worked for the Éco-quartier program for more than 10 years, I can say with confidence, that going door-to-door rocks! First, it is a great opportunity to meet people where they are most relaxed – at home. Many people have interesting points of view to share, even if they contrast my own, I am always interested to hear what people have to say. In fact, I have actually learned many new things by going door-to-door. We have exceptionally interesting and intelligent residents in NDG!

The Éco-quartier NDG is still doing door-to-door activities almost every night. We have a team of surveyors who are going door-to-door in the evening to find out how residents feel about the new food waste collection. On most Thursday nights, we have a team going promoting recycling in apartment buildings.

As we never have anything to sell and are not promoting a religion, most people open their doors and are happy to listen to the information that we have to share. They realize that much of the information that we bring to them would be more work if they had to look it up themselves (for instance, plastic #6 is not recycled in Montreal).

We are always looking for volunteers to help us promote environmentalism in NDG. If you would like to help, please contact us. Let’s remove the stigma of door-to-door! It’s fun!