Halloween is a fun time of year, but it is also a time when a lot of waste goes into our landfills and that is a very scary indeed! Here are a few tips to help you make your Halloween eco-friendly so the ghosts of garbage past won’t haunt you!

-Try making your own costume using items from around the house, or even pieces of old costumes. You can also swap costumes with friends and neighbours!

-When trick-or-treating, don’t use plastic bags – use cloth or canvas bags, pillowcases or reusable buckets!

-Make your own decorations, or save and reuse your decorations from previous years
-Use either battery free flashlights – those that are recharged by wind-up or shaking – or rechargeable batteries

-Buy local pumpkins, apples etc… they taste better and save energy in terms of transportation
-Use as much of your pumpkins or apples as you can. They can be put in pies, cookies etc…and what can’t be eaten…compost!

-Walk or bike when heading to a party or going trick-or-treating. If you have to drive, try carpooling to cut down on pollution and traffic

-If you’re hosting a party, use reusable dishes, utensils and napkins

-Look for fair trade, organic chocolate and/or candies

If using candles, opt for pure beeswax candles as most conventional candles are petroleum based
Happy Halloween!