For the last couple of years, I have wanted to work on an ecological graduation plan, but I never seemed to find the time to organize all the various activities that I wanted to do. Mea culpa!
This year, Sharon Sweeney of the NDG community council beat me to it, by organizing a prom-dress and suit collection. The Éco-quartier NDG is proud to partner with her on this great reduce and reuse project!

As Sharon told me, she has already been overwhelmed by the generosity of donations that have come from NDG residents. She already has a number of beautiful dresses stored in her office, and Eco-quartier just received 4 gorgeous ball gowns today. It is always touching to see the community come together for a worthy cause!

Sharon has organized an entire distribution day with 2 seamstresses on hand, as well as volunteers to help the youth fit, modify or alter the clothes. No money will be exchanged and the youth do not have to prove that they come from a disadvantaged family, all graduating youth are welcome!

If you have a dress, suit, shoes, purse or other items that you think a young person might want to wear at their prom, please bring it to one of the drop-off points (between 10am and 6pm):
NDG Community council (5964 Ave Notre-Dame-de-Grace, suite 205)
Monkland Center (4410 West Hill)
Éco-quartier NDG (6575 Somerled, suite 206)

Nikki Schiebel