The Incredible Edibles Garden is a community project run by volunteers and Transition NDG located on Somerled between Cavendish and Walkley that aims to not only green the area, but also to provide the citizens of NDG with vegetables and herbs to share. The planters along this stretch of Somerled contain over 20 different types of vegetables and herbs such as basil, parsley, radish and kale that are easily harvested by anyone who wishes. The team of volunteers has been working very hard all spring and summer to grow and maintain these plants for the benefit of all NDG citizens, and on Saturday August 6th they got the chance to showcase the results of all their work at the Incredible Edibles Garden Tour.

Led by Transition NDG volunteers and Eco-Quartier NDG, the tour was a great place for participants to learn new things about urban agriculture and vegetable gardening, as well as to share their own stories and experiences. “The tour was a great way to meet some of my neighbors in the community” Dianne Wong, a NDG resident expresses her enjoyment of the experience, “everyone was very enthusiastic about the project and the volunteers were knowledgeable and excited to share what they know.”

During the tour, participants learned the appropriate growing and harvesting methods for each plant and were able to try one of them hands-on as they harvested kale from various planters to create a fantastic kale salad that was shared by all at the end of the tour. In addition to the salad, iced tea, made from the lemon balm and mint plants growing near Prince-of-Wales Avenue, kept everyone cool and refreshed during the tour.

The Incredible Edibles Team and Eco-Quartier NDG would like to thank everyone who participated in the tour and hopes for continued success in greening NDG and sharing food with its citizens for many years to come.