Éco-quartier is the city of Montreal’s environmental action program and functions at the borough level. Through this program, the city supports the initiatives of organizations engaged in helping citizens take charge of their environment. In Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, the Éco-quartier NDG is run by Prevention CDN-NDG. The Éco-quartier NDG sensitizes, informs and mobilises citizens as well as businesses in NDG about environmental issues and cleanliness. Its goal is to offer activities which contribute to the environmental quality of the area.

Cleanliness, respect, pride: Éco-quartier NDG works in the domain of urban cleanliness by encouraging citizens not to litter, respect garbage and recycling pickup schedules, properly use street garbage bins and reduce pollution from canine waste. We also promote food waste collection, nature in the City and beautification. Finally, we work with community organizations, schools and citizens to plan local clean-ups.

Social Commitment: In order to support citizens in their environmental actions, recycling bins, compost bins and informative brochures are available free of charge at the Éco-quartier NDG.