• We offer small outdoor recycling bins to residents who do not have access to the large recycling bins on wheels (240L or 360L).

We order the large recycling bins from the borough to:

  • Schools
  • Buildings with 9 units or more
  • Community groups

If you live in a house or in a building of 4 units or fewer:

  • If you’ve just moved to the area and want a large bin on wheels (240L or 360L), please call 311.
  • If your recycling bin is broken, write down the serial number of the bin found on the side and call 311 to request a repair.
  • If your recycling bin is missing, call or go to the nearest police station to report and get a file number. Once you have the number in hand, call 311 and request a new bin by communicating your file number.
  • We go door to door in apartment buildings to inform residents as to what is and is not recyclable in the hopes of improving the quality of recycling.
  • We provide information on recycling and good waste management (including references to the ecocentre).
  • We visit business to offer small recycling bins (67L).
  • We offer information and workshops on recycling for business.
  • To find out what is recyclable in Montreal, consult the Ville de Montréal guide HERE.
  • You can also consult the RECYC-QUÉBEC website “Where does this go” HERE.