Timeline and Involvement

  • Early June
    The collection of old school supplies begins before the end of the school year, with the collaboration of several schools in the area. Every year we are astounded by the generosity and involvement that schools, teachers, students, and parents show.
    Involvement: encourage your school to participate in the program, drop off unused school supplies from your household, or volunteer to help with supply collection.
    NOTE: every year we are in need of a storage space to accommodate the large volume of donations that we receive. If you have suggestions or a space to volunteer, please contact us in early June.
  • Early August
    Before distributing supplies to families, we host a volunteer event to help clean, sort, and organize the school materials to ensure that families receive clean, usable, and intact items. We prepare kits for families and can customize them based off of the child’s age, grade, and required school materials. Volunteer support is essential and greatly appreciated because it allows us to process large quantities of materials in a short time.
    Involvement: Volunteer for the cleaning and sorting event!
  • Mid- to end-August
    Distribution day: The Eco-Quartier organizes a pick-up day for families to receive their kits.

 Become a Beneficiary

  • If you wish to be added to the list of recipient families, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at (514) 486-2727 or email us at ecoquartier@gmail.com.