Do you feel that the problem with second-hand shopping is that it is not easy to find something you like?

You have to invest a lot of time in finding a store, digging through lots of old rags and random outfits before you can find ‘the one’ – time to make it easier!

With the free “Upcycli” app (available in the App Store and in the Google Play) created by a Montreal start-up, you can sell and buy second-hand clothes with minimal effort.
In order to sell something, all you have to do is to upload a picture of the piece and add a price, then wait for customers to come in! The shopping itself is also more comfortable, as you can scroll through hundreds of offers wherever you are, whenever you want. In addition to that, Upcycli provides many tutorials on making old stuff chic again – that’s the upcycling part of the website.

And in case you (like me!) have never heard of that term before, upcycling is the idea of extending the life of an object by finding it a new vocation. Expressed in simpler terms, these tutorials teach you how to give a second life to old stuff by reusing the material from old clothes to create something new and stylish. If you want to change your consumption habits, the app is a good way to start.

Fast fashion (buying clothing and treating it as if it is disposable), is not only a burden for our wallet but also for the environment. So why not give this app a try? Maybe you will discover some hidden gems or a new talent! Let’s turn those torn jeans into a cute new purse, and reinvent that old sweater with a belt!

– Julia Barth (Intern)