About Food waste collection

The food waste collection program is available for all houses, duplexes, triplexes and apartments with 8 units or fewer. However, apartments and condos with more than 8 units, schools as well as institutions, if possible, can call the Éco-quartier NDG to have special permission to be included.

  • See the CDN-NDG borough’s webpage HERE

Reminder : do's and don't

  • Learn more about what to place in your countertop bin HERE.
  • Are your bags a certified compostable product? Visit Le Bureau de normalisation du Québec’s website to find out.
  • If the cover of your brown bin is broken or gnawed, call Eco-quartier NDG or 311 to get it repaired. If the handle or the body of the bin is broken, return your cleaned brown bin to the Eco-quartier NDG to get a new one.

Need more information?

See the city of Montreal’s flyers below or website for more information:

  • Composting for a greener city (Page 1) HERE
  • Composting for a greener city (Page 2) HERE
  • Learn how to use newspaper to make a liner for your foods scrap container here, or watch the video here.

Collection Map