Since the summer of 2009, Exploramer proposes the “Smarter Seafood, for the sound management of marine resources” certification program that encourages restaurants and fish markets to offer lesser-known products chosen from the numerous edible species found in the St. Lawrence Gulf, in the prospect of sustainable development and the protection of biodiversity.

By integrating new marine species in restaurant menus and fish markets, Smarter Seafood aims to 1) bring the population to diversify its consumption of Quebec’s marine products and therefore 2) allow fishermen to diversify their catch and in this way, 3) contribute to reducing pressure on species at risk.

Waved whelks, ocean pout, sea urchins, kelp, rock crab and Greenland halibut…25 marine species and 5 species of algae are listed by the program in 2014.

Look for the Smarter Seafood logo in Quebec restaurants and fish markets and “Dare to taste!”

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