It is now NDG’s turn to implement home compost pick-up, planned to start in October 2016 in the Loyola electoral district (the portion of NDG with an eastern border at Grand and a Western border at Connaught). The NDG district (East of Grand), is expected to follow in early 2017.

The food waste program is available to all those residing in houses, duplexes, triplexes and apartments with 8 units or more. Apartment buildings or condos with less than 8 units, schools and institutions will need to approach the Eco-quartier for special permission to be included in the first stages of collection. Eventually a plan will be devised to include them in the food waste pick-up.

If you live in the Loyola (or even NDG district) and you’d like to sign up for home compost pick-up, the Eco-quartier NDG is already registering those interested. We simply need your name, address and telephone number. Our team will be visiting you this summer to give you more information on the program.