Eco-quartier staff are often asked: What is really belongs in the food waste collection? The ans

wer: its not just food! There is a little bit of other waste that can be included in the brown bin and composted as well. For some, soiled cardboard and paper might be obvious to include in the bin, the limits of this “other” category remains unclear to many. Here is a reminder to help you sort through composting, recycling or garbage.

Accepted in food waste collection (in bold, non-edible material):
• Food scraps
• spoiled Fruits and vegetables
• Nuts and shells
• Spices and herbs
• Meat with bones and fat
• Fish with bones
• Seafood
• Eggs and eggshells
• Pasta, pain and grain products
• Desserts and sweets
• Solid dairy products (cheese, butter and yogurt)
• Tea, herbal tea or coffee with paper bags or filters
• Tissues (Kleenex)
• Paper towels / napkins / tablecloths
• Contaminated cardboard food packages
• Paper plates
• Cold wood ash
• Hair, feathers and animal hair

Please be careful, recyclables such as cardboard and paper cannot be recycled if they are soiled and / or contain food (ie, a pizza box is normally too greasy to recycle but can be composted).

Here are some things that may not be included in the collection:
• Liquids (soup, milk, juice, coffee, etc.)
• Diapers and hygienic products
• Fabrics, wood, cork, wax, hot ashes, cigarette butts
• Chewing gum
• Litter and animal excrement

Garden waste(collected separately on Wednesdays):
• Dead plants and leaves, tree or grass clippings, wood chips

By Audrey-Anne et Léa (summer green patrol)