Fielding – Walkley

Citizen Mobilization program for the Revitalization of the Fielding-Walkley Area & Provisional Board of Directors of the Walkley Community Centre

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Since 2010, Prévention CDN-NDG has played an active role in the Fielding-Walkley sector. We have been a member of the Provisional Board of Directors of the Walkley Centre, run some specific programs out of the centre, acted as fiduciary for a Centre-based food security project and, through funding from Centraide, are fiduciary of the sector’s community mobilization agent.

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Stop Now And Plan 2020

December 16th, 2020|1 Comment

When the first COVID 19 quarantine was applied in Montreal, we were 5 weeks into SNAP group sessions at the Walkley Centre. At first, workshops came to a complete halt.

Within a couple of weeks, we […]