“Equality in my Community” 

A group of 12 to 15 teenagers will be formed to create an artistic project around one or more of the following themes: sexual/gender stereotypes, body image, and violence against women. The project will then be available and promoted in Côte-des-Neiges.

Gender stereotypes dictate what is a woman and a man; how they should behave and look like. Many kids and teenagers believe that women should take care of the kids and cook, while men should be the breadwinners. It is important to create awareness about gender stereotypes to counteract the effects they have on the teenager’s lives.

Most stereotypes are transmitted by medias, which reinforce inequalities between genders, by presenting unrealistic depictions of men and women, in which the teens believe and construct their identities around. Those depictions, which are physical and psychological, influence the well being of the teenagers, especially on issues like body image or sentimental and sexual relations. It is why promoting a healthy and positive body image is a priority in our actions.

It is also important to act against stereotypes to prevent violence towards girls and women. Violence can be present in sentimental and sexual relations, or take place in virtual spaces (sexting, cyberbullying, etc.)


Project implantation

“Equality in my Community” is inspired by strategies of gender mixity and non-mixity of many successful projects. The final artistic project will reinforce the teenagers capacity to express themselves, and to communicate a social message to the community. The group will work together in the processes of creation, organization, and implementation of the artistic creation. The teens will put into actions what they learned and the new tools they acquired from the workshops and trainings in terms of gender-equal relations.