“Place aux Filles” project

The project in action was :

  • A group of girls between the ages of 12 and 17
  • A project created for and by the girls
  • Meeting with inspiring women
  • Recreational and instructional activities
  • New friendships

“Place aux filles!” was a project with the aim of increasing the participation of women in decision-making by promoting a non-stereotyped socialization of girls and boys. During the project we showed and met positive female role models and we prepared girls, from adolescence, to be in position of power.

This project started with an undeniable fact: sexual and sexist stereotypes continue to exist and impose social norms for girls especially by pushing them less than their male colleagues in leadership or decision making roles. Based on this observation, Prevention CDN-NDG decided to set up a project that would allow teenagers to create an intervention in the community for and by them. This was a great opportunity to familiarize themselves with the different steps needed to create a project.

This project created as a safe space for girls – an inclusive space without any judgment – and allowed them to increase their self-confidence, empowerment, critical thinking and as well as an opportunity to create meaningful links with young people from their neighborhood.

All this in a creative and safe atmosphere!

You can go HERE if you want to reach or follow them!

“Une égale Un” Workshops

Because of a lack of funding, the ”Une égale Un” workshops are not available for the moment.

A series of three workshops aimed at students transitioning from primary to secondary school.

1st Workshop: Are you and I so different? : Explore gender stereotypes, learn about their influence in our daily lives and how to detach from them in order to be true to ourselves.

2nd Workshop: The masks : Learn to differenciate images shown in the media from reality.

Take notice of our own masks, on issues of physical appearance or our behavior in front of others.

3rd Workshop : Ideal relationships : Recognize the unhealthy elements than can affect a relationship and learn how to deal with them

Hypersexualization prevention workshops

Because of a lack of funding, the Hypersexualization prevention workshops are not available for the moment.

A series of four themes and a specific workshop were created to raise awareness amongst the secondary school youth (girls and boys) on the issues of gender stereotypes as well as healthy and equal relationships.

1st Workshop – From stereotypes to discrimination: Understand discrimination mechanisms (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.) based on diverse stereotypes to assess their consequences.

2nd Workshop – Sexism in ads: Recognize marketing strategies aiming youth and analyze recent ads to point out hypersexualized images and discourse they contain

3rd Workshop – Hypersexualization culture and it’s influences: Start with simulations and short videos, approach themes such as obsession with beauty, consent and elements relating to (un)equal relationships in order to equip the youth with the tools to make a self-assessment of their relationships.

4th Workshop – From hypersexualization to exploitation: Raise awareness on the multiple facets that sexual exploitation (though exchanging views on sexuality and materials) can take in criminal networks or more subtly in our daily lives.

Ball workshop – The after ball: I remember: Discuss life experiences, the ball and after ball and any other festive context with the 5th year secondary students. Further strengthen the notions of responsibility, solidarity and consent; that is to say to respect personal boundaries and that of others in all contexts.