Intimid’action is a project for and by teenagers (aged 12 to 17 years old)  about the phenomenon of bullying especially when it is related to gender inequalities.

Youths will deconstruct together the subject of bullying in relation to gender inequalities through several outputs and CREATIVE ideas! Each session will have different themes related to bullying. As for example, toxic or healthy love and friendship, cyber bullying, cyber violence, solidarity, etc.

This project will increase the critical spirit, their leadership and their creativity so that they can take a stand against bullying. It’s a better way to learn how to protect themselves from intimidation, to be considered as allies, to create tools in connection with the subject and especially to spend good quality time through these activities!

For several years, Prevention CDN-NDG has made similar projects with youths such as the Relance Project and the “Place aux Filles !” Project. The findings that emerged from the “Place aux Filles !” Project gave birth to this new Intimid’action Project. One of them is that bullying is a gender phenomenon that does not affect girls and boys in the same way. Youths may be affected by this in their romantic or friendly relationships, in their recreational activities, in the media, messages, and so on.

Alison, our Intimid’action Project Officer did an animation on September 13th, on Self-care in community in partnership with the beautiful Chalet Kent family!
Several teenagers came to the event.

Now there are self-love activities at the Chalet Kent every Friday with Toni Fowler! Do not hesitate to check it out!