The mandate of the outreach field worker aims at sexual exploitation and violence prevention.

In creating meaningful bonds with the teenage girls of Côte-des-Neiges (aged 12 to 17), the outreach field worker promotes options and alternatives to hypersexualization and sexual exploitation in an attempt to rally and engage the girls in school, social, economic, community and political activities amongst others. To attain these goals, the outreach field worker facilitates access to existing borough resources whilst participating in new activity and resource creation in order to better serve the young girls.

2. Sexual violence and exploitation prevention – Workshops

This component of the sexual violence and exploitation prevention project among 12-17 year olds, is a community of teenagers who are mobilizing together to TRANSFORM the culture of virtual spaces so that girls and people who are either harassed, marginalized or currently excluded can participate, express themselves freely without fearing for their safety and fully flourish without gender-related limitations.
As a three-year project, it aims to prevent and fight against sexual harassment and to foster a culture of consent in high schools and neighborhoods.

With the involvement of multiple actors, schools will gain tools to be able to improve their programs and policies to better prevent and respond to sexual harassment. These systemic changes will extend to neighborhoods, including through the mobilization of local community organizations.

This project is BY and FOR teenagers aged 12 to 17 years old and aims to increase the teenagers ‘ critical spirit, their leadership and their creativity so that they can take a stand against bullying. Intimid’Action! will offer activities and workshops for the teenagers to get to know more about how to be active in their community. How can they change things in their neighborhood? From September 2019, the teenagers will deconstruct together the subject of bullying in relation to gender inequalities through CREATIVE ideas.