Ingrid Minpang
Administrative Coordinator

What brought you to apply for the position of Administrative Coordinator?

I was looking for an entreprise whose values aligned with mine (flexibility, diversity and compassion) with versatile tasks and a human resources component, which is my field of study.

What excites you the most about your new job? And what is the biggest challenge for you?

I am discovering a new area of work, which is that of social and community development. My biggest challenge will be to familiarize myself with all the programs and be operational as quickly as possible. I am moved by the subjects of discrimination and injustice and I think I will find my place within Prevention CDN-NDG to participate in debates on anti-discrimination measures.

What are you interests and hobbies outside of work?

My interests outside of work are my family and my very new company Abora 3D moldings, created in parallel with a training in female entrepreneurship which ended last December. I create personalized 3D body casts in plaster, especially for pregnant women because for me, giving life is a gift and I want to sublimate these precious moments. I also like to garden with the family on sunny days and have fun, as they say here.

What can you tell us about yourself so that people can know you a bit better?

 I am an optimistic person who believes in people. I graduated with a master’s degree in Human Resources. I am altruistic and curious and versatile. I have held various positions, (including babysitter in high school in Paris, for a family for more than 10 years, a waitress, a sandwich maker in a Parisian station, a receptionist, a clerk, a recruiter, and administrative assistant, HR technician etc…), and I am always available for advice, accompaniment and help, should anyone ask me.

What are the best ways to reach you?

By phone, either at the office or on my cell and by email.

Bureau: 514-736-2732 

Cellulaire: 438-837-1982