Camille Vaillancourt

Executive director

Camille joined the organization at the end of 2019 and took on the role of Executive Director in January 2020.

Camille is a sociologist and has a Master’s degree in economic sociology, with a primary focus on the impact of responsible consumption.

Before joining the Prevention CDN-NDG team, Camille was a university professor’s assistant. She was a funding officer, worked in administration, and human resources management, and later, as the General Director of a youth organization in Little-Burgundy.

 She has successfully directed strategic planning for many organizations, as well as serving on multiple boards of directors. Over time, she has also become a consultant to various organizations with temporary needs in governance, administration or social responsibility.

You can contact Camille for any questions, concerns, ideas etc.

Office: 514-736-2732 # 22

Facebook-Messenger: Camille Vaillancourt de Jocas