Winter is coming and although this year is special in relation to the health crisis, some things remain the same. Like every year, it is important to be well organized for the winter in order to stay safe and have a good season. Here are some reminders and tips that may help you:

Reduce the risk of fire

Keep flammable products and materials away from heat sources such as radiators and baseboard heaters. Do not overload electrical outlets. Check or change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

Protect yourself against fraud

Never give your personal information to someone you haven’t contacted first. Never share your codes. If you need someone to help you transact on your behalf, a power of attorney protects you and can be canceled at any time.

Make sure you have what you need at home and in the car

In the event of a breakdown, have a flashlight and batteries, both at home and in the car. A blanket and a first aid kit take up little space in the trunk of your vehicle and will be of great help when needed.

Take care of your health

As the days get shorter, the production of vitamin D decreases. It may be helpful to take vitamin supplements with the consent of your doctor and pharmacist if your meals are not very varied. Avoid excess during the holidays to save your organs and stay alert.

Adapt your habits to the Quebec winter

After a precipitation of snow, clear snow from the accesses and spread sand or salt, if ice forms, to avoid falls. Equip yourself with warm, non-slip accessories so you don’t expose yourself to frostbite or accidents. Adjust your driving, because even with the right tires and the anti-lock braking system activated, your vehicle can skid in adverse conditions.

– Marie

Outreach worker for seniors  –  Côte-des-Neiges