This week we at Tandem CDN-NDG wish to remind our readers about the dangers of fraud.
Every so often we hear of seniors and families having their hard earned money stolen either by Internet, phone or door-to-door scams.
Here are some very simple ways to avoid becoming a victim:
1. Should anyone call your home and ask you for personal information – HANG-UP! Banks, charitable organizations even people claiming to be police would never ask you for account numbers, credit card numbers or demand a money transfer.
2. Emails claiming to be banks or credit card companies or people saying you have won a prize should be DELETED or MARK AS PHISHING right away (and blocked). Never click any links or fill out any info!
3. People coming door to door saying they are (Bell, Hydro, CSSS etc) or any other person that insists they need to come in, has no right to do so. Residents can leave the door closed and locked and speak through the door.  If anyone insists they be let in tell them you will be calling 9-1-1.
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