Back to school

Now that summer is winding down , School is starting again. This can be a scary time for youth as well as parents. Kids who are going to school or daycare for the first time can have everybody in a panic. Here are a few things to think about. Did you know there are a bunch of people working around you and your family and you may not even know it. Did you know… Tandem will soon begin booking safety animations for kids from kindergarten to high school as well as discussions with parents.Eco quartier has gathered a ton of reusable school supplies for youth that may not have everything they need. Teachers have been planning and meeting educational and recreational activities, community centers have begun registration for programs after school and homework help, police and crossing guards are in full force for pedestrian safety, Street workers and sport centers planning activities for families…just to name a few…and all that before the kids have even left the house…and if at anytime youth or families need help, these same programs, agencies and community groups will do everything we can to get it…happy new school year !